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welcome to Redhead Orthodontics
Redhead Orthodontics is one of the leading London orthodontic practices. Alex Redhead qualified from Kings College London in 1990 and was awarded his Masters in Orthodontics in 1998.

Alex Redhead decided to set up Redhead Orthodontics because he wanted a place where patients feel they can trust the clinician to be honest about the treatment required and not over treat or mislead you. At a price that is reasonable and justifiable.

 Alex Redhead is the only person who will treat you from beginning to end. This is unlike most orthodontic practices who use orthodontic therapists or trained nurses to treat patients. Mr Redhead feels this aspect is important to ensure continuity of care and also makes the treatment more efficient and effective for the patient.

This practice takes enormous care to ensure your orthodontic treatment is evidence based and of the very highest standard.
Customer care is also very important to the practice, making sure the reception are always available on the phone and the nurses are well trained and informed. All patients are given a feedback form to ensure the patients needs and concerns are highlighted.

Alex Redhead has a special interest in invisible braces like Invisalign, Lingual braces, and clear fixed brace systems and is one of the main providers of this type of brace in London. But he also welcomes patients seeking more conventional braces young and old.

The reception is trained to show you the types of braces available and the associated costs without you leaving your desk. The clinic times are arranged to give you as much flexibility as possible so the practice works as late as 9.00pm on a Monday evening and as early as 8.00am on a Friday morning. If you want the very best smile look no further.

Redhead Orthodontics consists of two well located clinics – Portland Place Orthodontics in the West End and The Fulham Orthodontic clinic in Parsons Green, Fulham.

Why Choose Us

Treatment is provided in an ethical and clean environment. Nervous patients are very welcome. This practice only accepts patients on a private basis to ensure we are not restricted in using materials and methods to give you the very best smile aesthetically and of course functionally.
As well as providing the classic fixed orthodontic braces that you see most kids wearing we also specialise in:

INVISALIGN braces (removable clear braces for adults)
LINGUAL BRACES (on the inside of the teeth)
TIP EDGE BRACES (no headgear required)

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