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Totally confused about which brace to Choose!!??

PLease click here to quickly find out which brace is best for you - you will fill out a google form and then get an instant answer with information about the best brace for you, based on the answers you give. It only takes about a minute to complete.

Google Form


Our patient co ordinator can give you a free consultation via your computer and show you the types of braces available, associated costs and answer any questions you might have without you leaving your chair and loosing valuable time at work.

If you would like to make an appointment and talk directly with Alex Redhead without you leaving your chair, please ring 0207 637 0777 or email:  The cost of this type of appointment is £95.00.

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Free Online Orthodontic Consultation

Paid for Online Orthodontic Consultation - £95 (This will be deducted from the cost of treatment if you decide to proceed)

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