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Smile in 6 Months

At Redhead Orthodontics we have designed the ultimate smile in 6 months using a simple invisible  lingual hidden brace ( social 6 ) or a clear aligner system. So if you are looking for a fast, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing way to straighten your teeth, then smile in 6 months ( social 6 ) could be for you.

What is a 6 month or Social 6 orthodontic brace treatment?

Smile in 6 months treatment ( social 6 ) is a braces system that straightens just the teeth that you smile with. The system differs from fixed metal braces in that the braces are hidden behind the front teeth, so nobody knows you are wearing a brace, they are invisible.

Smile in 6 months ( social 6 ) can be an ideal treatment to correct protruding teeth, close space in between teeth, straighten crooked or overlapping teeth, (e.g. overbites, underbites, crossbites or openbites).
As the main advantage of Smile in 6 months ( social 6 ) is the speed at which these braces work, they are ideal if you want to get your teeth straightened before a special occasion such as a wedding.

How much will smile in 6 months ( social 6 ) treatment cost me?

The cost of smile in 6 months treatment ( social 6 ) varies from case to case. On average the cost for treatment ranges from between £2000 to £2500.
The aim of contemporary orthodontic treatment is fast treatment progress.
With invisible lingual brackets nobody will be able to tell that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment as they are perfectly hidden.
Beautiful teeth right from the beginning These lingual brackets have a much lower profile compared to other lingual brackets.

They will cause hardly any irritation or speech impediment and will show the treatment progress right from the beginning.
If you don’t like fixed braces then another option is to try simply 5 clear removable aligners.

Simply 5 aligners and a smile in 10 weeks

This is a clear aligner system that you can change yourself every 2 weeks and with each new aligner - your teeth become straighter. The average cost of this type of treatment is between £2000 - £2500.

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