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Wedding Braces

Do you want your smile to look its best on your wedding day?

Worried that your braces may show on your wedding pictures?

Our Wedding package at Redhead Orthodontics involves consultations with our multi-speciality team,

  • Our aim is to deliver you the best smile for your wedding.
  • We have a Orthodontic specialist
  • Crown, veneer and whitening specialist
  • Gum specialist

To cope with the challenges of wedding photos Redhead Orthodontics recommends
using a hidden lingual brace. Lingual braces begin to straighten the teeth from day 1 and within 3 months you will see an improvement.


Incognito Lingual Braces

  • Completely invisible from the outside
  • Excellent results for all types of incorrect tooth positions
  • Custom designed wires & brackets- improved comfort and fast results
  • Made from polished gold - no nickel allergies

Or choose Invisalign aligners or our discreet clear glass braces.

Still confused about which brace to choose?

Take a quick 1 min assessment using google forms to establish if this is the right brace for you. Follow this link:-

 Link for best brace for me assessment




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